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    13套Toefl-Junior練習題.pdf 95頁

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    ★TOEFL Junior Tests★ Test #1 ——Test #13 1 Language Form and Meaning Practice 1 Directions In this section of the test, you will answer questions found in different texts. Within each text are boxes that contain four possible ways to complete a sentence. Choose the word or words in each box that correctly complete each sentence. Mark the letter of the correct answer on your answer sheet. Here are two sample questions: (A)very (B)ever 1.The idea that rocks last forever and that rocks change is not (C)quite (D)never completely true. (A)saw (B)seen 2. If you have ever stood next to a rushing river, you (C)are seeing (D)may have seen the water hammering away at the rocks . The correct answer to sample l is (D) “never”; to sample 2 is (D)“may have seen”. Page :色播播